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Ruthmann to debut Height Performance range

Written by maria Hadlow - 21 Feb 2012

Intermat will see the first in a new range of truck mounted machines from Ruthmann, called Height performance.

Intermat will see the first in a new range of truck mounted machines from Ruthmann, called Height performance.

German truck mount manufacturer Ruthmann will launch a new line of machines at Intermat.

The new range, called Height Performance, builds on the success of the Steiger TB270, 27m machine on a 3.5t chassis and the Steiger T330, 33m  machine on a 7.5T GVW chassis. Machines the company describes as having an excellent price/performance ratio but more affordable than some of the very high technology machines in its range.

The first of the new range, a 40m+ working height machine, will be seen at Intermat where the company will also provide details of two more models in the 50m+ and 70m+ range. These later will be launched at Bauma in Munich in 2013. Ruthmann is keen to release information early to allow potential customers to consider the new machines when planning fleet expansion or replacement.

Ruthmann is currently not releasing all the details but Access International can tell you that the new range will use the multi-bend boom profile and high tensile steel technology, used on the Steiger T330 model. The machines will have a telescopic boom with a "longer than ever," jib to provide good up-and-over access.

The 40m+ machine, launched at Intermat will be mounted on a two-axle 18t GVW chassis.

The introduction of the Height Performance range does not impinge on Ruthmann's current models. The company intends to continue to offer the Steiger T470, 47m and Steiger T580, 58m, machines, which have round profile boom technology with thinner high tensile steel, designed for very high strength and lower weight.


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