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John Deere unveils monster truck

Written by Chris Sleight - 22 Mar 2011 - View Other LanguageLanguage flag

John Deere has unveiled a range of new construction equipment throughout 2011

John Deere has unveiled a range of new construction equipment throughout 2011

John Deere has used ConExpo-Con/Agg 2011 to launch the largest articulated dump truck (ADT) ever in its range, the 46 ton (41.7 tonne) 460E.

"Customers asked for an ADT with a larger capacity for big hauling jobs. So we worked with them to develop a truck that was purpose-built to reliably handle a 46-ton payload. This joint effort will help big earthmovers move more material faster and more efficiently," said Mark Oliver, ADT product marketing manager for John Deere Construction & Forestry.

The 460E's design process included a consultation with several ADT customers that asked for easy-to-use, productivity enhancing features like an on-board weighing payload scale that delivers real-time data.

"An on-board scale lets the operators of both the ADT and loading tool know when the dump body is loaded to capacity by the use of an external light bar that is visible to both operators. This system lets them know the instant they have a full load, eliminating guesswork and saving time," said Mr Oliver.

The on-board scale also boosts productivity when coupled with the machine's standard JDLink telematics system, which helps them monitor the amount of material moved per day.

Power for the new truck comes from a 13.5 litre John Deere engine, certified to the latest US Interim Tier 4 emissions regulations. A new transmission meanwhile offers higher reversing speeds than the previous model.

Meanwhile the traction controls have been automated to take the guesswork out of when to use the differential locks to simplify operation. When ground conditions get soft and difficult, the system will automatically control the

axle differential locks as well as the inter-axle differential lock. An experienced

operator can still choose to manually engage the traction controls.


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