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Slipforming at close quarters

Written by Chris Sleight - 02 Dec 2011

Contractor Tavares Concrete Company bought a new Gomaco 4400 slipform paver - a model which was launched at this year's ConExpo - and tested it on the I-495 highway surrounding Washington, US.

The contractor slipformed a single-faced barrier against an existing sound wall from the right side of the 4400. The barrier was 32 in (813 mm) tall, nine in (229 mm) wide at the top with a 16 in (406 mm) bottom width. It's just one of several different profiles Tavares has slipformed with the 440, from both the right and left side of the machine.

"The 4400 is very handy when you are working in close quarters in traffic, " Eloi Lourenco, vice president of Tavares Concrete said, "It's a compact machine and doesn't take a lot of room and has been designed well for balance, stability and sturdiness."

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