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Thompson Pump showcases noise cancellation technology

Written by Murray Pollok - 09 Mar 2017

Thompson Pump's 'concept' unit at Conexpo.

Thompson Pump's 'concept' unit at Conexpo.

A ‘concept’ pump with noise cancelling technology has been shown at Conexpo by Florida-based Thompson Pump.

The company has designed an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system that creates a secondary, anti-sound to cancel out the noise of the diesel engine in the enclosure.

The system comprises a microphone located in the engine that then generates the counteracting sound waves which are broadcast via two speakers in the enclosure.

The unit is currently in concept form and there is no detailed schedule for when the technology will be commercially available, said a spokesperson for Thompson.

Dale Conway, Vice President of Engineering at Thompson Pump, said; “The ANC system is completely standalone and automated – and it requires absolutely no user intervention.”

The company also showed new technology for its pumps that is available today. Its Recon control panel, which it is now rolling out on some of its fleet of rental pumps, allows the pump operator to monitor and control a pump automatically.

In addition to giving users the remote control option – which Thompson was demonstrating by controlling a pump in Florida from its stand at Conexpo – the Recon also gives operators much more detailed information on site through a graphical display.

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