Unified EU rules on abnormal transport?

By Murray Pollok09 October 2017

The prospects of unified rules throughout Europe on abnornal transport issues such as escorts, special trailer regulations and permits will be discussed at the World Crane and Transport Summit (WCTS) by Łukasz Chwalczuk, ESTA’s secretary for specialized transport and president of the Polish Heavy Transport Association.

His presentation will also include the results of a survey of ESTA and Polish transport companies that will be carried out at the ESTA Autumn meeting in Krakow, Poland on 19 October.

Chwalczuk headshot

Łukasz Chwalczuk

Chwalczuk said his presentation will be an opportunity to talk about ESTA’s work concerning standardisation and unification of regulations governing abnormal transport; “ESTA is starting with new working groups focused on providing officials with unified rules and standards for abnormal transport that have been agreed by the European stakeholders. These will cover things like escort rules, special trailer registration processes, and permits.”

In his presentation, which will be on 8 November - the second day of the conference – he will also discuss the activities of ESTA’s working group on protectionism and non-tariff barriers, as well as the implications of the EU 403/2016 health and safety regulation and the European Register of Road Transport Undertakings (ERRU).

For more information on the conference visit www.khl-wcts.com

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