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By Sandy Guthrie03 January 2019

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The first six Sustainability Guidelines have been published by the newly-formed Global Cement & Concrete Association (GCCA), which represents cement and concrete producers from around the world.

It said the six guidelines included a number of “simple, reliable and representative KPIs against which full member companies must monitor and report on their sustainability performance across a number of key activities”.

The guidelines include monitoring and reporting CO2 emissions and other emissions from cement manufacturing; co-processing of fuels and materials; safety; and water usage.

GCCA cement director Claude Loréa said, “The Sustainability Guidelines are important as they provide industry and stakeholders with a means to document and improve the sustainability performance of the global cement and concrete sectors against the GCCA Sustainability Charter.

Claude Lorea GCCA

Claude Loréa

“Signing up to the guidelines emphasises the cement and concrete sector’s commitment to sustainable development, including its critical work to reducing global CO2 emissions.”

To achieve the extended compliance, full GCCA members will have their data and targets verified and reported publicly. The GCCA intends to communicate data publicly in a consolidated format.

The GCCA has also published a Sustainability Charter which it said set out five key pillars which encompassed the sustainability spectrum of the cement and concrete sector.

Loréa added, “It’s great to launch the first six of our Sustainability Guidelines immediately after the completion of COP24. You might say the Guidelines are our rulebook.

“The sector is determined to keep up the momentum and demonstrate leadership in sustainability. That is what our GCCA members are committed to, and these guidelines will help ensure that we keep on track.”

The GCCA said it was working towards a global membership which would represent 50% of world cement production.


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