Zilliant’s dynamic approach to pricing

By Thomas Allen26 November 2019

US-based software company Zilliant has introduced new capabilities for real-time dynamic pricing.

Zilliant logo

The firm, which specialises in business-to-business (B2B) price optimisation and management, and sales guidance, has built on its established REST application programming interface (API) capabilities to provide a smarter and more scalable approach to dynamic pricing.

The new capabilities include the ability to leverage digital and eCommerce data as an additional input when calculating prices.

Pete Eppele, Senior Vice President of Products and Science at Zilliant, said, “Market conditions and business dynamics are changing at an incredibly fast pace.

“Further building on our API capabilities that were introduced in 2015, we’re thrilled to give our customers a reimagined approach to proactive eCommerce pricing that delivers tailored, intelligent, and market-relevant pricing at a moment’s notice.”

B2B companies are now able to differentiate pricing for existing customers and new visitors at the product or stock-keeping unit (SKU) level.

They can also set eCommerce-specific discounts that can be targeted at particular customer segments and product groups.

It is also possible to analyse pageviews, conversions, cart abandonment data and inventory availability to set multiple discounting strategies online.

These features can be integrated into any eCommerce platform.

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