WingMax for the longest blades

By Alex Dahm22 June 2020

Wind turbine blades are increasingly 70 metres long or more. To move them Faymonville offers extending WingMax flat bed semi-trailers

Faymonville WingMax for wind turbine blades more than 70 metres long on the road carrying a blade

Faymonville WingMax for wind turbine blades more than 70 metres long

As wind turbines get bigger their rotor blades also get longer. More than 70 metres is becoming increasingly common for the length of the blades, each of which has to be transported individually, often by road.

Faymonville’s WingMax is a trailer designed to move the longest wind turbine blades. Not long ago these were around 60 metres long but now more than 70 metres is common. WingMax is part of the TeleMax flatbed semi-trailer series. Features include an hydraulically lifting and lowering gooseneck (by 1,700 mm) and pendular axles to allow negotiation of obstacles such as roundabouts. Also hydraulic is the steering and the suspension too, to give the sharpest possible steering angle and maximum stroke for long suspension travel. Versions are available with three or four axles.

The loading platform has a 4-fold extension and the length of the gooseneck is compatible with 5-axle trucks. The 19.5-inch pendular axles offer a steering angle up to 60 degrees and a 600 mm suspension stroke.

“In combination with the hydraulically lifting and lowering gooseneck, the new WingMax can virtually overcome any obstacles that cross its path, such as roundabouts. As a result, the route is manageable even in the case of demanding terrain conditions and road profiles,” said Rainer Noe, Faymonville product manager.

Sliding load supports for the blade tip frame allow the trailer to be shortened even under load. They help deal with winding roads. Hydraulic support legs simplify extension and retraction of the telescopic loading platform. Double-sided locking of the telescopic stages is for greater driving stability and the two axle bogie’s 2 metre track width gives maximum lateral stability. The locking positions for extension are reinforced to help the transmission of pulling and braking forces.

A video of the new WingMax trailer is here:

WingMax, part of the TeleMax series of flat bed semi-trailers from Faymonville, loaded with a blade on the road

WingMax is part of the TeleMax series of flat bed semi-trailers from Faymonville

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