14 new cranes from Ferrari

By Alex Dahm13 November 2020

Italian manufacturer Fratelli Ferrari has expanded its New Age Line of articulating cranes with 14 new models.

The F.lli Ferrari 9265 with continuous slewing is the largest of the new models here in red and lifting containers

The F.lli Ferrari 9265 with continuous slewing is the largest of the new models

The company said it focused on performance, ease of use and maintenance when designing the new cranes. Wherever possible, it built in modularity for the models, features and accessories, to maximise the number of permutations and option possibilities.

“The innovative design, new electronics and hydraulics of our New Age cranes guarantee excellent lifting performance and improve operator safety and efficiency,” said Giuseppe Bevacqua, product manager cranes. “With these new cranes, we now offer solutions for every industry and application, from mining to maintenance, construction to car recovery.”

First in the new family are the 7212D and 7240D models. These are for car recovery and similar applications for compact, light, and easy to operate cranes, the company said. The 7210B and 7240B are articulated boom cranes for general loading and unloading applications.

Next in line are the 7213C, 7223C, 7231C, 7243C, 7245C and 7261C. These articulating boom models have a double linkage boom system and are made for complex lifting applications and demanding users, the company said.

Also with a double linkage are the 7213SC and 7243SC short boom articulated models. These are designed for higher loads and installation on shorter wheelbase trucks. A typical target application is in the construction industry. Largest of the new models are the 9235C and 9265C. They have continuous slewing in addition to double linkage booms.

Features include Dynamic Load Diagram, which verifies available capacity ahead of a lift based on measurement of the truck’s stability. There is also the Magic Touch function which is automatic opening of the crane from its transport position to the working position and back again.

The new 19 to 21 tonne-metre family sits above the existing 9 tonne-metre and 13 to 16 tonne-metre models in the New Age Line. The range is now from 1 to 165 tonne-metres. It carries what the company claims as the best warranty in the industry, at three years, with five years for the structure.

The new F.lli Ferrari 7261C has a double linkage boom system

The new F.lli Ferrari 7261C has a double linkage boom system


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