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INTERVIEW: MyCrane’s Andrei Geikalo on digitalisation
A new online crane rental platform is making the crane industry think digitally. ICST reports. 
North America’s top specialized lifting companies
ACT releases its annual SpecializedLifting50 list of top specialized lifting equipment-owning companies.
Site report: Why tower cranes are on the largest construction site in Europe
In the capital city of France, four additional Métro lines, 68 new stations and 200 kilometres of new track are being constructed
How infrastructure spending can boost the 2022 global crane market
Global mobile crane sales did not have the most convincing rebound in 2021 but could start to do better as infrastructure spending picks up
Tower crane tech presents new opportunities, says SC&RA
Technology in the tower crane sector presents a world of opportunity
Embracing permit automation
Louis Juneau, president of NOVA Permits & Pilot Cars, discusses the latest developments in the permitting industry.
Trends in the North American mini crane market
Hannah Sundermeyer reports on the latest movements and models in the mini crane market.
How pick and carry cranes are changing the construction game
These mini movers are mighty, taking all manner of components from A to B, and manoeuvring around all types of sites. With larger lifting capacities than you might expect, these cranes are a massive force to be reckoned with
Results of the 2022 rental confidence survey revealed
ICST asked crane rental companies to complete its annual rental confidence survey to identify the movements and trends taking place post pandemic, and the results are encouraging
SPMTs serve as incredible transport tool
Eddy Kitchen discusses how SPMTs maneuver some of the most complex over-dimensional loads
How to solve construction’s skills shortage
New infrastructure plans increase demand for labour, but skills shortage makes recruitment difficult
Your guide to the SC&RA Specialized Transportation Symposium
The annual SC&RA STS will be held February 22-24 in Glendale, AZ.
Repair and refurb: how to extend a crane’s life by up to 20 years
Repairing and refurbishing a crane can extend its working life by up to twenty years and it can end up saving a huge amount of money, time and planning for new equipment. 
Where are mega cranes popping up?
The future looks bright for the heavy lift crane industry as markets continue to emerge. 
Why versatility is driving the use of folding construction cranes
The versatility of self-erecting tower cranes and mobile folding cranes means they are both being used globally on a wide variety of construction projects, both traditional and novel
Demag is a legendary brand
While it has come and gone through various ownerships, the Demag crane brand has a proud history
Cyber security: Are businesses becoming too complex to secure?
As construction and transport companies lean into more hi-tech, digital internal processes and systems, the threat of a cyber breach, especially from third-party relationships and software supply chains, remains ever-present.
Site report: How these cranes delivered key work at the Fécamp offshore wind farm
A total of 16 rail-mounted luffing jib tower cranes are key to the construction of 71 concrete gravity bases for an offshore wind farm in France. 
Dean Barley leads Tadano America
Recently appointed Tadano America president and COO discusses his new role and the OneTadano strategy.
SC&RA on why the customer experience is key
Customer service is just one part of the journey
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