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A Moving Bauma
Bauma 2007 was a moving show. Never before have the heavy and specialized trailer manufacturers been so positive about their market. Production is at a peak, demand is outgrowing capacity and still the orders keep streaming in. GINO KOSTER reports
Winning ways
Rigging Job of the Year over $750,000 Barnhart Crane & Rigging
The engine of Nassau
Rigging Job between $150,000 and $750,000 Emmert International
Tight Condenser
Rigging Job of the Year Under $150,000 Southern Industrial Constructors
Sweet movement
Hauling Job of the Year - Unlimited Category Crane Rental Corporation
Bring in the transformer
Hauling Job of the Year over 160,000 pounds category Barnhart Crane ' Rigging
Permit challenge
Hauling Job of the Year under 160,000 pounds category Edwards Moving ' Rigging
Full of promise
The construction boom in the Middle East, in particular in Dubai, shows no signs of slowing down. KATE BARKER reports
Minning a rich seam
When South African steel specialist VR Steel wanted a bespoke crane system to manoeuvre its heavy mining equipment, it turned to a local company to provide what was needed. IC reports
Short supply
The global construction boom has led to an unprecedented demand for used cranes, with prices soaring and dealers’stocks depleted. KATE BARKER reports
Used demand at auction
Vicki Cunningham, from Canada-based global auctioneer Ritichie Bros, outlines the impact sales of used cranes has had on the company's business in the last year
Spreading the load
An Hawaiian crane company was forced to come up with a quick solution to reduce the axle loadings on its 120 tonne all terrain crane before authorities would allow it to cross a weight restricted bridge
Rewards for skills
The European Association of Heavy Haulage, Transport and Mobile Cranes (ESTA) Awards of Excellence 2007 were announced on 26 April. Around 500 guests from Europe and further afield were present at the awards presentation in Munich, Germany where they learnt about the winning jobs
Unique market looks to China
Australia's market for new cranes may not be the world's largest but it could just be the furthest away from traditional crane manufacturing, reports BRENT STACEY
Market slide
The much-anticipated stock market correction arrived at the end of July, prompting some steep falls in share prices. It is too early to tell yet whether this heralded the start of a serious downturn, or just a return to reality. Chris Sleight reports
Russian Record
Oil exploration in the harsh Arctic environment of the Barents Sea requires cutting edge technology. LUKOIL in Russia designed and built the FOIROT, a pre-fabricated oil terminal weighing more than 11,000 tonnes. Mammoet was responsible for the load-out. GINO KOSTER reports on the details of the operation
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