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A helping hand
The latest operator assistance devices are becoming more tailored to user needs. JAMES VERRINDER looks at the some of the latest in-cabin equipment available
Inside story
James Verrinder rounds up the latest news and application reports from the industrial sector
Mobile astronomy
ESO, the European Southern Observatory, has signed a contract worth around €5.5 million with Scheuerle Fahrzeugfabrik in Germany for the delivery of two custom built self-propelled transporters. The transporters will be able to self-load and install 12 m antennae each weighing 110 tonnes. The antennae have to be moved to, and around, the observatory site in Chile, at 5,000 m above sea level. Gino Koster reports
Heavy by air
The world's largest aircraft, the Antonov AN-225, is one of a fleet of heavy lift cargo aircraft used by Air Foyle HeavyLift as an alternative to heavy specialized land and sea transport. Alex Dahm went to see the giant aircraft and reports on the fleet's activities
Wind at the top
Difficult-to-reach hill tops and mountainous surroundings are typical locations for wind turbines. Austrian specialist Prangl transported and installed wind turbines at an altitude of 1,600 m, making it one of the world's highest wind farms
Crane market hot spots
iC asked crane manufacturers from around the world which markets are the 'hottest'. James Verrinder reports on where crane makers consider the best areas to do business are to be found.
Expanding upwards
Franc Jost, a veteran of the tower crane industry and founder of Jost Cranes, tells James Verrinder his plans for 2006
Paris previwe
With 200,000 visitors expected from 160 countries and more than 1,000 exhibitors signed up from 40 countries, April's Intermat 2006 exhibition in France will be this year's largest trade show for the construction industry. IC sets the scene for the event
Well appointed
Is there a problem with appointed persons in lifting operations? TIM WATSON discusses concerns about experience and ability
Meet for transport
The annual SpecializedTransportationSymposium offers many opportunities for learning and networking. Terry White explains
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