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Automatic hitches gain ground as semi-automatic versions come under review.
Accidents involving semi-automatic couplers (attachment hitches) in the UK have led to some new regulations banning their sale. Will the rest of Europe and the world follow the UK lead? Dan Gilkes reports for IRN.
South America's infrastructure plans make it a big potential rental market
South America promises to be a fantastic rental market in the decades to come. But for now, where are the market opportunities, and who is grasping them? Murray Pollok reports.
GAM widens outlook as slowdown bites at home
GAM’s general manager Carlos Fernández Araoz charts the company’s evolution from “village company to multi-national” and tells IRN Editor Murray Pollok how it plans to prosper through the Spanish recession.
Patrick Hill reports on new compaction equipment, including plate compactors, rollers and tampers.
Patrick Hill reports on new compaction equipment, including plate compactors, rollers and tampers.
New excavators, dumpers and loaders under the microscope
Murray Pollok and Becca Wilkins report on the latest earthmoving product launches, including wheeled loaders, excavators and site dumpers.
Jeff Eisenberg looks at the financial performance of IRN-100 companies
Last year was a good one for most of the companies in the IRN-100 listing, and even some interim results for 2008 were reporting some decent numbers. But, as IRN’s finance correspondent Jeff Eisenberg reports, there are clear signs of the changing economic environment.
Offshore renters trial 'virtual asset pool' technology
The prospect of rental companies and customers sharing ‘real time’ data on their equipment is now a reality following a successful trial in August involving two oil and gas service companies, Swire Oilfield Services and Aker Solutions.
Patrick Hill reports on rental fleet disposal strategies
Selling used equipment is an essential and everyday part of the equipment rental business. Patrick Hill talks to major rental companies in the UK, Scandinavia, Japan and the US about how they manage the asset disposal process.
Rental starts working on the theft problem
Theft of equipment is a problem wherever you go in the world, but there are now signs of a growing partnership between manufacturers, rental companies and trade associations to combat the problem. Dan Gilkes reports.
APEX: IRN's guide to the largest access equipment show this year
APEX will be the largest, dedicated aerial platform exhibition in the world this year, with over 110 exhibitors. Maria Hadlow, Editor of Access International magazine, previews the show, which takes place in Maastricht, The Netherlands, on 17-19 September.
Rental software: the key to successful implementation
Implementing a new rental software system is one of the most challenging things that you will do with your rental business. IRN asked rental software suppliers for their advice on making implementation as pain-free as possible.
Trade-in: why do big rental companies buy their own shares?
Why do publicly traded companies repurchase their own shares? And what does this mean for the rental companies and the equipment manufacturers? IRN’s finance correspondent, Jeff Eisenberg, explains.
One to watch: IRN talks to one of South America's largest rental companies
Pablo Lam, general manager of Santiago-based SKC Rental, tells IRN editor Murray Pollok that after 10 years in the Chilean rental market, the time has come to diversify its fleet and its customer base.
SmartEquip aims to revolutionise the aftermarket
US technology company SmartEquip wants to revolutionise the way that rental companies order their parts. They have made a good start in the US and now have their eyes set on Europe. Murray Pollok talks to SmartEquip CEO, Alex Schuessler.
BM Location's Thierry Robert explains the company's strategy.
Bergerat Monnoyeur Location, the French Cat Rental Store, has started to expand, and not just in France. Murray Pollok met BM's Alain Rosaz and Thierry Robert.
Strength in numbers: marketing techniques of US rental giants
Three of the biggest US rental companies – United Rentals, RSC and Volvo Rents - are using sophisticated customer benchmarking techniques to measure how they are performing. Lucy M Peterson reports.
Mini vision
Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) wants to sell more excavators to rental companies and is prepared to develop rental specific machines to do it. Murray Pollok reports.
Power tool round-up
Manufacturers are deploying advanced electronics and innovative mechanicals to make powered hand tools more effective and safer.
Deprez on the ERA
Gererd Deprez talks about ERA’s progress and goals for the future as the organisation prepares for its major convention in Amsterdam in June.
IRE Preview
Three events - the first International Rental Exhibition, the first European Rental Awards, and the third annual European Rental Association Convention – will draw visitors to Amsterdam on 3-5 June. Patrick Hill sets the scene.
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