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Repairing an iconic connection in the Brooklyn Bridge
Bee Access recently played a pivotal role in restoring NYC’s Brooklyn Bridge – and took home a Scaffold & Access Industry Association Project of the Year Award for it. Brian Andrews, VP of engineering at Bee Access, reports.
What is construction equipment’s ‘killer app’?
Do we know what tech will change construction equipment in the coming years? And could a transformative technology over the horizon change everything?
How specialized transport vehicles are driving green change
New electric options offer fossil fuel free future 
MEWP rental in the UK: The road to recovery
Following a period of uncertainty, is market confidence on the rise?
Construction under fire: Building a wind farm in a major conflict zone
Lucy Barnard speaks to construction workers braving Russian missile attacks to build it
Putting data to work: How can we harness technology to unlock actionable insights?
Construction companies face numerous challenges when implementing projects, but digitisation offers a unique opportunity for streamlining operations to increase productivity and sustainability, says Thomas Harring, Managing Director of Leica Geosystems
Electric earthmoving equipment: the latest models
Is electrification a long-term, sustainable solution?
Beyond telematics: How Trackunit is changing the industry
Lindsey Anderson speaks with Trackunit SVP David Swan about the company’s recent developments with their app, fleet optimization, key partnerships – and what’s to come.
5 of the world’s biggest hydroelectric dam projects under construction
International Construction examines five of the world’s biggest hydropower projects under construction.
10 of the tallest skyscrapers under construction
As the world’s second tallest building nears completion, International Construction looks at 10 of the tallest skyscrapers in the world under construction - and they are nearly all in China.
Record breaking heavy transport rail project
The longest underground railway connection in the world is being built under a mountain pass
How the world’s biggest EV battery gigafactories are being built so quickly
Where are the world’s biggest gigafactories being built and how are they being built so quickly?
The big benefit of self erecting tower cranes
A suitable alternative to telehandlers?
Bulldozers: Balancing high performance with ease of operation
Advancing tech in today’s dozers makes it possible to get more done with less, writes Jenny Lescohier
Street Smarts: Beloved classic gets an update
While it may look familiar, Peterbilt’s Model 389 has lots of updates under the hood
Watch: Chinese firms cement dominance of world’s top 10 construction companies
Animated chart shows how Chinese firms have come seemingly from nowhere to dominate the ICON 200 list of the biggest construction companies in the world.
Scaffolding: Is it a plank? Or a platform?
Is a scaffold without a platform a scaffold? Is a scaffold without planks still a scaffold? Industry veteran David Glabe weighs in
Beneath the surface: What’s new in the quarrying and mining industry?
Equipment sales have been strong globally for the quarrying and mining sector as the industry juggles this with integrating new technology and power options, reports Andy Brown
Technology building blocks for mitigating risk and impact in construction litigation
The construction and engineering fields are constantly evolving in response to new technological developments. While these changes bring innovation, efficiency and opportunity, they also introduce risk
IoT in rental: what are the benefits?
How data utilisation can enhance the rental sector
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