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Industry heavyweights
The construction equipment market boomed last year with +23% growth. But while there was little change among established manufacturers in the Yellow Table – IC's league s table of the 50 largest companies in the industry – China's key players leapt up the ranking. Chris Sleight reports.
Industry growth
Revenues increase +23% to US$ 122 billion
Residential vs. non
The North American construction market is a tale of two sectors, with a strong non-residential market but falling house building. Scott Hazelton of Global Insight looks at how these factors will play-out over the coming years.
Regional Report: US slowdown?
The US construction market has boomed over the last four years, but does last summer's slowdown in the residential market mean there's trouble ahead? Chris Sleight reports.
Bauma stop press
This month's Bauma exhibition (Munich, April 23 to 29) will see thousands of new machines launched for a range of applications and subsectors in the construction industry. In this month's final ‘Stop Press’ preview IC looks at some of the major engine and component launches as well as some of the last minute news from other sectors.
Small is beautiful
Compact equipment may have a tough time competing with manual labour in many parts of the developing world, but that is changing as wages rise and machines get more productive. Chris Sleight looks at the latest equipment in the sector and reviews how designs have changed and improved over the last few years.
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