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Hungarian prospects
Following a period of impressive growth, the Hungarian construction sector has stalled over the last two years Drarne Gobert of Luther, Fest & Kajli (part of the Pinsent Masons Luther Group) looks at what has happened and what the future holds.
Reduced VAT is back
A new study by the Commission has re-opened the debate on reduced VAT rates for residential renovation and other labour-intensive industries. Although in favour of such measures, FIEC believes the advantages of reduced VAT still need to be emphasised.
More flexibility
With legislation on engine emissions set to get more demanding in the coming years, CECE is calling for an extension to the flexibility provisions that help manufacturers make the transition from one stage to the next.
Eastern promise: growth in Central and Eastern Europe
While growth in Western Europe's construction sector is forecast to slow down in the coming years, several Central and Eastern European countries look like posting double-digit growth. Richard High reports
Earth eaters
The new engine emissions regulations coming into force this year and the recent surge in demand for excavators across Europe has led to the launch of many new machines. Becca Wilkins reports.
Ground breakers
A wave of new breakers has penetrated the European market in the last year following the need to comply with increasingly stringent EU noise and vibration regulations as well as increased machine efficiency. Becca Wilkins reports.
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