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Size and stability
Growth in the European construction markets is expected to be relatively low over coming years, but the size and stability of the markets makes them attractive. The recovery of the German market after a long recession is particularly welcome. Scott Hazelton reports.
Relative boom
The European construction sector is as buoyant as it has been since the boom of the early 1990s that followed the reunification of Germany. The result has been high growth (by European standards) and some big mergers. Chris Sleight reports.
Anti-competitive industry: Authorities have imposed more big fines on construction cartels
The last few years have seen both national competition authorities and the European Commission prosecute major cartels in the construction industry.
High-speed repairs
When fire destroyed a busy road interchange in California construction teams worked around the clock to get the highways opened again. Among the most challenging aspects was a night time tandem lift to position a large concrete beam. IC reports.
Tall orders: High rise construction
High-rise towers continue to climb across the globe as potent symbols of emerging nations growing economic power. But how high can they go, and how green are they? Richard High reports.
Skyline lifters
The current global construction boom has provided a massive boost to the world's crane manufacturers. And despite the continued problem of delivery times, this surge in growth has prompted the development of bigger and better models. IC reports
Precision pumps
The current global demand for pumps exists on the back of a buoyant construction industry. Contractors are demanding higher performance levels, increased durability and reduced maintenance from the latest models. Becca Wilkins reports.
Pipe layer revolution
Excavator bases offer slewing and higher capacities
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