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CE Barometer August 2013: Confidence ticks up
Results from the August CE Barometer survey showed the strongest sentiment in the industry for two years, but it is too early to herald a full-blown recovery.
CE Barometer July 2013: Summer slump
European construction activity slowed down in July, despite good weather across the region.
CE Barometer June 2013: Still no direction
As was the case in May, results of the June CE Barometer survey showed a fine balance between positive and negative sentiment for the European construction market.
CE Barometer May 2013: Market lacks direction
Although there were improvements in results from May's CE Barometer survey compared to April, the European construction sector still lacked any clear direction.
CE Barometer April 2013: Sliding back down
After the optimism of March's results, construction activity in Europe fell back in April, although respondents remained up-beat about the future.
CE Barometer March 2013: Spring upswing
March saw a seasonal swing to the positive for the CE Barometer, with contractors across Europe reporting a pronounced up-tick in work compared to the previous month.
CE Barometer February 2013: Future outlook improves
Confidence is growing that the European construction market will improve over the next 12 months, but activity is still falling month-on-month
CE Barometer January 2012: New Year improvement
Sentiment from the January CE Barometer survey about the future outlook was at its highest since August 2011.
CE Barometer November 2012: Confidence still weak
Sentiment on the European construction market has improved since the summer, but as in October it remains in negative territory.
CE Barometer October 2012: Brighter future
Results from the October CE Barometer survey remained in the negative territory that was seen in September. However, there was some improvement in sentiment on the future.
CE Barometer September 2012: All negative
The European construction industry fell into recession in September, according to the results of the latest CE Barometer survey, with respondents reporting negative sentiment across the board.
CE Barometer August 2012: Confidence slumps again
Seasonal slowdown and poor business confidence takes sentiment on the European construction industry to its lowest all year.
CE Barometer July 2012: Summer slowdown hits
The start of the summer holiday period took its toll on activity levels in the European construction sector in July.
CE Barometer June 2012: Confidence still weak
Little change in sentiment on the European construciton sector from May's poor results.
CE Barometer May 2012: Slump in confidence
Confidence in the European construction sector slipped in May, undermining the fragile recovery that had begun at the start of the year.
CE Barometer April 2012: Confidence holds steady
April saw confidence in the European construction sector hold steady, with greater optimism about the future, but month-on-month activity at about the same as level as March.
CE Barometer March 2012: Another small improvement
Confidence in the European construction sector took another step in the right direction in March according to the results of this month's CE Barometer survey.
CE Barometer February 2012: Confidence creeps up
Sentiment in the European construction sector edged up again in Feburary, particularly in terms of longer-term prospects. However, it remained a fragile recovery.
CE Barometer January 2012: New year, new hope
Sentiment in about the European construction industry's future took a turn for the better in January.
CE Barometer December 2011: Pessimism remains
December saw respondents to the CE Barometer survey remain negative about the construction sector, although the strength of feelings was not as pronounced as in November.
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