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  • One of the two de-methaniser vessels being lowered onto SPMTs at Mina Zayed Port

    Maiden manoeuvres from ALE


    ALE used its 20 tonne per square metre ALE 300 barge for the first time during the transport of two 830 tonne de-methaniser vessels in the UAE

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    Ainscough and ALE partnership


    Mobile crane rental company Ainscough and transport and lifting specialist ALE have announced a partnership. The two companies will combine their expertise and equipment on UK-based contracts

  • ALE’s AL.SK190 super heavy lifter making one of the 25 lifts on the Thai Growth Project in Map Ta Ph

    ALE 4300 tonner works on Thai Growth Project, Map Ta Phut, Thailand


    ALE used its 4,300 tonne capacity AL.SK190 super heavy lifter and its Quick Winch to make short work of a series of major lifts in Thailand. IC reports

  • Liebherr's 3,000 tonne capacity LR 13000 on the test pad

    Heavy lift cranes and their applications are increasingly spectatcular


    Lifts are certain to get heavier and more spectacular as the requirement for bigger modules and the machines to lift them continues

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    Sines of success


    ALE transported reactors, weighing up to 1,457 tonnes, from Italy to the Sines refinery in Portugal. A 1,800 tonne capacity self-geared vessel was used to move the reactors before they were loaded on to 68 axle lines of self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) and transferred to the refinery 7 km from ...

  • ALE used 320 lines of SPMT to move and load out a 7,500 tonne deck for the Buzzard field

    SPMT in 7,500 tonne deck move by ALE


    ALE in the UK completed the site move and load out of an offshore petrochemical industry deck weighing 7,500 tonnes

  • The 122 m long cable-stayed Padre Adelino bridge in São Paulo, Brazil

    South America sees huge growth for the crane industry


    South America has not been affected by the global financial crisis to the same extent as many other world regions and prospects for crane users are escalating

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    ALE multi-tasking in Venezuela


    Heavy transport and lifting company ALE completed the removal and installation of equipment as part of expansion of the FCC Punta Cardon Refinery in Venezuela

  • ALE’s 4,300 tonne capacity AL.SK90 has been renamed AL.SK190 as part of a global re-rebranding strat

    ALE in South America and North Africa


    International heavy lift and transport specialist ALE has announced the opening of two new offices to augment its on-the-ground capabilities in South America and North Africa

  • ALE performs its first lift with its new Terex CC 8800-1 crawler

    First lift for ALE's CC8800-1


    The first job for international heavy transport and lifting company ALE's new Terex CC 8800-1 lattice boom crawler crane was a 1,457 tonne reactor lift in Sines, Portugal

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    ESTA 2010 Awards winners


    The winners of the annual ESTA Awards of Excellence were announced at an evening event and dinner attended by 452 people in the crane, other lifting and specialized transport industry

  • ALE’s 4,300 tonne capacity AL.SK90 has been renamed AL.SK190 as part of a global re-rebranding strat

    ALE wins carrier contract, adds to fleet, rebrands


    Heavy transport and lifting company ALE based in the UK has been awarded its largest contract to date

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    ALE double bridge tower lift


    ALE Heavylift performed the uprighting of two steel towers on a new bridge over the Cuarto River in Córdoba, Argentina. The towers are 40 m tall and weigh 190 tonnes

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    Schmidbauer giant crawler investment


    The Schmidbauer Group in Germany has extended its lifting capabilities with a 1,250 tonne capacity Terex Demag CC 6800 crawler crane. "It will allow us to significantly increase our capabilities in the upper lifting capacity segment [and] is absolutely ideal for use in industrial facilities and in work with large ...

  • ALE's 4,300 tonne capacity AL.SK190 (formerly AL.SK90) heavy lift lattice crane

    New ALE company


    International heavy transport and lifting contractor Abnormal Load Engineering Limited has established ALE Projects Limited

  • The ALE AL.SK90 caries out its first lift - a 755 tonne depropaniser column - at a petrochemical pla

    First project for 4,300 tonne ALE giant


    ALE's 4,300 tonne capacity AL.SK90 has completed its first major lift. It was used to lift a 69 m long depropaniser column weighing 755 tonnes at a petrochemical plant in Jubail, Saudi Arabia