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  • The ALE AL.SK350 crane fully rigged

    ALE load tests 5,000 tonner


    The 5,000 tonne capacity AL.SK350 built by ALE and said to be the world’s largest capacity land based crane, has been rigged for the first time and load tested

  • ALE transporting the OOG units in Atyrau’s city centre

    Heavy OOG units moved by ALE in Kazakhstan


    International heavy lift and transport company ALE transported a client’s heaviest Out of Gauge (OOG) units through Atryrau, Kazakhstan’s oil capital

  • Load-out of a pipe rack module at Mina Zayed Port, UAE

    ALE progress with SARB4 offshore project


    International heavy lift and transport company ALE is operating on one of the largest offshore projects, SARB4 (Satah al-Razboot), currently under construction offshore in Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • ALE delivering one of the heavy items

    First phase of Doha metro project complete


    ALE has moved 1,470 heavy items to successfully complete the first phase of the new Doha metro project in June 2016

  • ALE’s Mega Jack performs first jack up in Europe with the Albert Kanaal project in Belgium

    First job in Europe for ALE’s Mega Jack


    ALE has used its Mega Jack lifting system for the first time in Europe as part of the Albert Kanaal Project in Belgium

  • The AL.SK190 lifts an 800 tonne crude column

    First lift in Turkey for ALE’s AL.SK190


    ALE has performed the first lift in Turkey of its 4,300 tonne capacity AL.SK190 - one of the world’s largest land based cranes - in Aliağa, Izmir province

  • ALE deliver the train units to Riyadh

    One day train move for ALE


    International heavy lift and transport company ALE has completed the unloading and transportation of a train, consisting of 11 units, in just one day in Saudi Arabia

  • ALE used a skidding system, specially designed for the project, to load out a 30,000 tonne jack up r

    30,000 tonne load out for ALE


    ALE completed the load out of the first 30,000 tonne CAT-J jack up rig in July, using a skidding system that was designed for the project in South Korea

  • Movement of a 1,200 tonne container crane in Abu Dhabi, UAE

    ALE expands port crane services in Middle East


    The Middle East branch of ALE is managing the delivery of port cranes, including ship to shore (STS), rubber tyred gantry (RTG), rail mounted gantry (RMG) and straddle carriers

  • ALE jacked four ship to shore cranes by 4.5 metres using its Mega jack 800 system on each corner. Th

    Site report: Jack-up job for ALE


    Heavy lift and transport company ALE helped increase the height and alter the track centre distance of four container cranes at the Port of Antwerp in Belgium. IC reports

  • ALE’s class 300 barge in action for the first time

    ALE expands marine services


    International heavy lift and transport company ALE has announced the expansion of its marine services to provide full offshore barge transportation

  • ALE has transported 16 OOG items so far for the DGS Zubair Oil Field project

    Out of gauge transport challenge for ALE


    International heavy lift and transport company ALE is progressing with the DGS Zubair Oil Field project in Iraq and has transported 16 out of gauge (OOG) items

  • ALE installs the ball mill on the Mafuta diamond mining vessel

    Ball mill installation for ALE


    ALE, the international heavy lift and transport company, has performed the unique installation of a new ball mill on the Mafuta diamond mining vessel

  • Siemens has awarded ALE a four year Crane Framework Agreement with a value in excess of £43 million

    Siemens awards major contract to ALE


    ALE has been awarded a four year Crane Framework Agreement from Siemens for the deployment of cranes, specialized transport equipment and personnel

  • ALE perform the load out operations of the Malikai TLP

    27,500 tonne TLP load out for ALE


    ALE loaded out the Malikai Tension Leg Platform (TLP), weighing 27,500 tonnes, in just 12 hours at Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering (MMHE) in Johor, Malaysia

  • The new widening axles are the first of its kind in the UK, the company said

    ALE launches widening trailers in the UK


    International heavy lift and transport company ALE launched the latest addition to its fleet at Sandon Hall in Staffordshire, UK yesterday - a range of widening trailers

  • The new branch for ALE – their 11th in Europe – will enable the company to target clients working in

    ALE opens in Italy


    International heavy lift and transport company ALE announced the opening of its 11th branch in Europe to be situated in Milan, Italy

  • ALE transporting one of the blades up a steep hill

    ALE wraps up major wind energy contract


    International heavy lift and transport company ALE is approaching the final stages of one of its biggest wind energy contracts ever secured in Thailand

  • The Saudi Arabia branch of ALE has secured the contract to transport 1,186 railcars

    More than 1,000 railcars to be moved by ALE


    ALE’s Saudi Arabia branch has secured a contract to transport 1,186 railcars, which would stretch to nearly 17 kilometres in length if all lined up

  • One of the 287 tonne engines transported over a reinforced bridge

    ALE moves a colossus in Rhodes


    International heavy lift and transport company ALE moved the heaviest and largest pieces delivered on the island of Rhodes, Greece, for the South Rhodes power plant project