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    Blade launches large booms division


    UK truck mounted specialist Blade Access is expanding into the self-propelled sector with the launch of a new sister company, Blade Access SP Ltd.

  • Cela’s new DT21 21 m truck mount has been designed such that no part of the boom is above the cab wh

    On the road again. Developments and news from the truck mount sector


    Development in vehicle mounted access platforms goes from strength to strength: at the compact end designers endeavour to get more height on smaller chassis, while the stretch for greater height goes on at the upper end. In between manufacturers are looking at green options, smoother motion and ergonomic packages.

  • Mark Bell a director of the new Blade Access Specialists company.

    Blade divides businesses to specialise


    UK company Blade Access has been sold for an undisclosed sum and will now be renamed Blade Access Specialists Ltd. The company will focus on the access rental market and, in particular, the truck mounted platform sector. Mark Bell will be a director of the new Specialists company.

  • Blade Access takes delivery of its 70 m Wumag WT700. (left to right) Jamie Bairstow (Blade), Richard

    Blade buys 70 m Wumag


    UK rental company, Blade Access took delivery of its 12th truck mounted platform at the Vertikal Days exhibition last week: a 70 m Wumag WT700 bought from UK dealer Skyking.