• Cargotec has reported its latest financial results

    Cargotec reports mixed financial picture


    Profitability continued to improve in Hiab, there were no big project orders for Kalmar, although its long-term market potential is still strong, and the challenging market situation continues at MacGregor

  • Cargotec is launching a cost saving programme

    Cargotec launches cost savings programme


    Cargotec is launching a programme designed to achieve annual cost savings of around €25 million (US$ 27 million)

  • The Hiab X-HiPro 558 is “the strongest crane to mounted on a three axle truck”

    New X-HiPro 558 loader crane from Hiab


    Said by Hiab, part of Cargotec, to be “the strongest crane to be mounted on a three axle truck”, the X-HiPro 558 is designed for lifting heavy and bulky loads

  • The new Hiab X-HiPro 232 loader crane at work

    Hiab launches the X-HiPro 232 loader crane


    Load handling equipment company Hiab, part of Cargotec, is renewing its mid-range loader cranes with 24 new models including the 20 tonne-metre X-HiPro 232

  • Hiab's X-HiPro 858 is an 80 tonne-metre articulating crane from the high capacity series

    Profitability up, sales down at Cargotec


    Hiab, MacGregor and Kalmar cranes manfacturer Cargotec saw improved profitability overall but a 5 % decrease in sales during the first half of 2016

  • L to r: Robert Morigl, chairman at KWF, Hermann Lambertz, product technician at Hiab, Jukka Soini, p

    Hiab wins award for HiVision


    Load handling equipment company Hiab, part of Cargotec, has won the KWF-Vision award for its HiVision crane control launched earlier this year

  • The new T-018 - part of the Hiab T-Series

    Profit up for Cargotec


    Operating profit at Cargotec was up 12 % in the first quarter of 2016 on sales that were down 7 % on figures from the same period a year before

  • Hiab HiVision allows the operator wearing a virtual reality headset to sit in the cab of the truck a

    Hiab launches HiVision crane control


    A virtual reality headset is part of Hiab's new HiVision system for remote operation of cranes from the truck cab

  • The new T-018 - part of the Hiab T-Series

    New cranes for Hiab T-Series


    Hiab, part of Cargotec, added two additional capacity classes to its renewed T-Series of articulating loader cranes that includes models from 0.9 to 3.5 tonne-metres

  • The Kalmar E-One2 rubber-tyred gantry crane

    First Kalmar RTGs for Egypt


    Global cargo handling company Kalmar, part of Cargotec, will deliver four Kalmar E-One2 rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGs) to DCHC in Damietta, Egypt