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  • A 400 tonne capacity Terex CC 2400-1, a 500 tonne Terex CC 2500-1 and Genie aerial work platforms in

    Bridge lift for Toggenburger


    Lift and transport service provider Toggenburger used two Terex lattice boom crawler cranes to lift an 884 tonne bridge in Schafisheim, Switzerland

  • The Terex CC 2500-1 crawler crane lift the container crane at the Rhine Port in Gustavsburg

    Riga Mainz on crane installation


    Crane service provider Riga Mainz in Germany installed a container crane at the Rhine Port in Gustavsburg using a Terex CC 2500-1 crawler crane

  • The Terex CC 2500-1 carries the 265-tonne bridge under load for 5 m

    Riga Mainz chooses Terex for bridge lift


    German crane service provider Riga Mainz brought in a Terex CC 2500-1 crawler crane to lift a 265 tonne, 70 metre steel footbridge over the A6 road near Kaiserslautern

  • Penglai Jutal used two Terex CC 6800 and two Terex CC 2500-1 crawler cranes to perform the lift at t

    Penglai Jutal completes synchronized lift


    China-based engineering service provider Penglai Jutal used four Terex crawler cranes to perform a synchronised lift of a 470 tonne steel framework as part of the assembly of an offshore oil platform on the coast of Penglai in China

  • Gastel in Poland used 500 and 600 tonne capacity Terex crawlers to relocate a military bunker made o

    Gastel Żurawie in tandem bunker lift


    An historic military bunker had to be moved in Poland to make way for a new road. Crane rental company Gastel Żurawie met the challenge using a pair of lattice boom crawler cranes

  • Counterfeit Terex Demag CC 2500. It is one of eight found in Henan Province, China

    Counterfeit Demag crawlers found in China


    Eight counterfeit Terex Demag crawler cranes have been found in China