Construction Europe - July-August 2019

Construction Europe July-August 2019 1

July-August 2019

Included in the issue: 

    While forms of alternative power in construction are being discussed more and more frequently, diesel has been the driving force behind companies for over a century. Joe Sargent looks at today’s best engine options. 
    Formerly something of a dinosaur industry, with little appetite for technology beyond its iron roots, construction is now embracing the use of tech, such as drones, simulators and virtual reality. Now it seeks to attract the gaming generation to jobs once seen as dirty and dangerous, now promising better-paid and more comfortable career prospects.
    With a major push towards electric drive units, transportability and simple operating systems, manufacturers are developing a new generation of crushing and screening equipment. Katherine Weir reports.
  • PUMPS 
    The latest models of dewatering pumps for construction are both more sophisticated and more robust than their predecessors, easing flooding concerns and helping to increase production. Mike Hayes reports.
    New launches from drilling rigs to the latest imaging technology.

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