Construction Europe - November 2019

Construction Europe November 2019 1

November 2019

Included in this issue:

    Today’s formwork and falsework systems need to be light, strong, fast-erecting, offering greater height and spans and, above all, safer than ever before. No pressure for their designers then. Mike Hayes reports on developments
    Hinkley Point C in the UK represents one of the largest construction projects in the world – and some of the world’s largest cranes are operating there, as Christian Shelton of ICST magazine discovered on a recent visit
    There are promising signs of engagement when it comes to GPS and telematics within the construction industry, but more education on the benefits is required to get everyone on board. Katherine Weir reports
    The need for utilities in Europe is growing exponentially, giving rise to a plethora of new equipment and new techniques. Together they ensure pipework can be laid faster and deeper, as Mike Hayes discovers

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