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Straightpoint expands on record sales
UK force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing load cell manufacturer Straightpoint, reported a year of record sales in 2012
Bouygues takes AGS collision avoidance
Collision avoidance system specialist AGS in France will supply its equipment for tower cranes to Bouygues Construction Matériel to renew the existing fleet and fit all new cranes
New generation site management from SMIE
SMIE will introduce new software to drive anti-collision devises, part of a wider information system for operators and site managers.
Elebia auto safety hooks from Carl Stahl
German firm Carl Stahl has added the Elebia e5 and e10 automatic safety hooks to its portfolio of lifting equipment
Manitowoc and Ascorel back together
Manitowoc and Ascorel will work together again on developing new anti-collision technology for tower cranes
New man baskets for digger derricks
Diversified Products has introduced the ability to install any of its quick-attach man baskets on digger derricks.
Bromma expands sensor safety
Container load spreader manufacturer Bromma has expanded its spreader safety products range with a new load sensing system for spreader twist locks
Crane operator devices face bigger cranes and busier sites
Operator information systems are moving with the times to provide accessible data in busier working environments for more advanced and larger cranes.
All installs 3D lift planning
All Erection & Crane Rental Corp. in the USA has introduced the newest in the 3D Lift Plan internet-based application, developed by A1A Software
Extreme terrain outrigger pads complete test
Composite Advantage, in California, USA, has completed performance testing on FiberRigg, a high-performance fibreglass composite crane outrigger pad designed for extreme conditions
Safety in sight from Orlaco
Netherlands-based construction company Dura Vermeer has equipped 20 of its tower cranes with Orlaco's newest monitoring system to improve onsite safety. The wireless auto focus zoom camera system is fitted to the trolley
Welex expands in Europe
Netherlands-based Crane mat producer Welex has opened offices in the UK and Germany
Heavy traffic
Dynamic anti-collision and zoning systems are a vital safety aid for 14 tower cranes on a Paris construction site
Safe operation of truck mounted knuckle boom cranes
Accurate calculation of axle loads and stability is vital for safe operation of truck mounted knuckle boom cranes
Bifocal safety eyewear
To meet the needs of an aging workforce, Gateway Safety offers two styles of bifocal safety eyewear, each in four dioptre strengths: 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5
Sound investment
Beacons and sounders manufacturer E2S has developed the General Purpose Horn (GPH), which, it says, is a reliable, long-lived electronic alternative to electromechanical warning devices
Breaking your fall
Each year in the UK five workers are killed and about 2,000 seriously injured in falls from vehicles, according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Most of them are low falls from the load areas of heavy goods vehicles.
Locked off
Castell Iso-Lok in has developed a new padlock to ensure that machines out of service cannot be restarted until all personnel have completed their work on the machine.
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