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Final whistle blows for Welsh rugby union stadium
Cuddy Group has almost completed a 12-week demolition programme to demolish Stradey Park, the former home of the Scarlets region and Llanelli RFC
Bringing tall chimneys down - Bierrum's custom solution at work
UK-based Bierrum International has developed its own specialist solution to the problem of tall chimney demolition
Paper free zone - Lee Group demolishes Dartford paper mill
The Thames Gateway region in the southeast of England is seeing major redevelopment as old industrial facilities are demolished to make way for new residential developments intended to ease the UK’s housing shortage. Lee Group is currently working on one such project, the former Arjo Wiggins paper mill in Dartford
4,500 tonne UK ammonia plant dismantled for reassembly overseas
Following two months of planning, specialist dismantling contractor EDS has been appointed by Sigma to begin the meticulous process of coding, extracting and preserving every vessel and associated pipework from a UK ammonia plant for export
Crane solution for German demolition challenge
SAT Industrie-Abbruch GmbH used a Liebherr HS 895 HD crawler crane equipped with a wrecking ball during the demolition of a chimney and batch tower at the Budenheim glass factory
Blowdown success for Safedem
Contractor Safedem successfully used explosives to demolish two 16 storey blocks of flats in the Scottish city of Kincardine
A head for heights needed during Munich demolition
Demolition operatives from Balthasar Trinkl GmbH & Co. KG required steady nerves during the demolition of the 55 m (180 ft) tall Bavarian Insurance Chamber building in Munich
Stone by stone in New York City - urban demolition challenge
Working in urban areas imposes major safety challenges for demolition contractors. Damon Kozul reports on one such contract carried out in Brooklyn, New York
UK chemical clear up nears completion
The demolition and clean-up of a former agrochemical production facility in Belvedere, UK, is almost complete following a year of demolition and remediation work
Lafarge chimney demolition a blast
Two 168 m chimneys are brought down by explosives by Erith Group
Tower block job for Armoury
Armoury Group has completed the demolition of two tower blocks in Solihull in the West Midlands, UK
Getting the power down in the Philippines
A more than 30 year old power plant in the Philippines is undergoing demolition to make way for a new replacement and modern demolition attachments fro Okada are speeding the work
Canadian first for Aquajet HVD Evolution
An Aquajet HVD Evolution is being used during the refurbishment of the Ville Marie Tunnel on Highway 720 in Montreal
Vienna's largest demolition contract, the Suedbahnhof, stays on track
Austrian contractor Porr Umweittechnick GmbH is currently occupied on what is the largest demolition contract in Austria – the redevelopment of the Suedbahnhof railway station in Vienna
Selective demolition at Zurich Airport
Austrian contractor Eberhard completed demolition work at Zurich Airport at the end of 2009 to allow the construction of improved passenger handling facilities
Setting the record - CDi implodes Ocean Tower on South Padre Island, Texas
US contractor Controlled Demolition Inc set a new height record for an explosive demolition in December 2009, when it brought down the 116 m (380 ft) reinforced concrete Ocean Tower on South Padre Island in the Gulf of Mexico. D&Ri reports
Stress relief -Safedem's award winning explosive demolition in Edinburgh
Safedem took the 2009 Explosive Demolition Award for its work on the 12-storey Broomview House in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. D&Ri reports on this project, the first explosive demolition of a totally prestressed, post tensioned tower block structure in the UK
John F Hunt's high reach takes down London high rises
John F Hunt's 105 tonne Kocurek rigged Hitachi Zaxis 870LCH is working to clear Swancombe Point, the first of three 11 storey high rises to be demolished in London, UK
And the winner is.... the 2009 Demolition Awards Contract of the Year
UK contractor Keltbray took the accolades for the 2009 Demolition Awards Contract of the Year
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