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Bridge to the future
For the last 46 years, a 14 tonne, 20 m (66 ft) long and 5 m (16.5 ft) wide footbridge has been used to provide access from one side of the UK’s National Physical Laboratory site to the other.
Another Katrina victim brought low
Damaged by the winds and storm surge of Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, the 11-storey Armed Forces Retirement Home building In Gulfport, Mississippi, was brought down by explosives specialist Dykon Enterprises on behalf of main demolition contractor CST Environmental. D&Ri reports on the blowdown
A legacy of war: rebuilding Lebanon's infrastructure
Lebanon's infrastructure was one of the targets in the crosshairs of Israel's military during its incursion into that country in 2006. This has left war-damaged structures requiring repair or removal and replacement. US contractor Controlled Demolition Inc was bought in to clear the way for the reopening on one of Lebanon's major transport routes. D&Ri reports
Clearing the four sisters
Canadian contractor Murray Demolition is currently demolishing a coal-fired power plant west of Toronto, Ontario. D&Ri reports on the job
Disaster recovery
Piece by piece, US contractor Bolander & Sons has completed the demolition and dismantling of the Interstate 35 West (I35W) bridge spanning the Mississippi River that collapsed in Minneapolis in August 2007. D&Ri reports on a contract that required considerable crane work
Calder Hall update
D&Ri apologises unreservably for the incorrect attribution for the Calder Hall blowdown to UK contractor Controlled Group.
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