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    Prosmyky traveller


    Doka formwork travelled to the Czech Republic to create the new Prosmyky bridge over the river Elbe, due for completion in 2009.

  • The 601 m high, in-situ concrete core of the Burj Dubai.

    High praise for Doka


    Austrian formwork manufacturer Doka has been awarded the "SOLID-Bautech Prize 2008" for formwork operations during construction of the Burj Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

  • Meva’s new MAC automatic climbing system features a fully clad and enclosed working area providing s

    Falsework & formwork: Safety first


    The safety of construction workers on high-rise construction sites is pushing formwork manufacturers to develop equipment that not only provides a safe working environment but that is also easy-to-use and raises productivity. Richard High reports.

  • The Burj Dubai is expected to top 800 m in height and is set to claim the world's tallest building t

    Green giants


    Modern high rise buildings are often viewed as iconic statements of a city's wealth and status. The rivalry between nations to have the tallest building is ongoing but a new trend is emerging – the challenge to build the greenest skyscraper. Claire Symes reports.