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  • Sandvik RT300 buttons

    Long life buttons


    A new series of button bits from Sandvik deliver great value in almost all rock conditions, especially those in which button breakage is a problem, according to the company. The RT300-series of bits for drifting and tunnelling are optimum cemented carbide buttons for drilling a wide range of rocks, with ...

  • Wimmer AB 2000 on crane boom

    Long reach stabilisation


    An ambitious 16km railway tunnelling project near the town of Wiesing, in the Austrian Tyrol, took place earlier this year. Part of the Inn Valley Austrian Railways project involved the construction of a 30m deep rescue shaft, close to a rock face, with the use of an AB 2000 feeder ...

  • The ROC T15 is Atlas Copco’s latest and smallest hydraulic surface rig. It is designed for small con

    Drilling: better efficiency, lower noise


    Better efficiency is a key aim for any area of construction, but the drilling sector is showing this can be achieved at the same time as better environmental performance - particularly noise reduction. CE reports.

  • Parbati project stage III from above

    Hydro challenge


    Advancing tunnels in the Himalayas by drill blast