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  • GGR Group’s Adrian Richardson hands the keys over to Kimberly-Clark project manager Terry Finch

    GGR G20 crane for manufacturing industry


    International manufacturer of care products, Kimberly-Clark, has taken delivery of a new G20 pick and carry crane from mini crane specialist GGR Group in the UK

  • An example of a Galizia F200 GRU pick and carry crane

    Galizia sells first electric GF400 crane


    Crane manufacturer Galizia has sold its first GF400 electric pick and carry crane

  • A Galizia G20 moves ancient artefacts at Milan Cathedral's museum

    Milan museum takes Galizia pick-and-carry


    Milan Cathedral museum has taken delivery of a 2 tonne capacity Galizia G20 pick-and-carry cranes to load and handle works of art dating back to the 14th century. The Venranda Fabbrica Del Duomo Di Milano, the organisation responsible for the upkeep of the Cathedral and its nearby museum, will use ...

  • GGR Galizia's G20 pick and carry crane at BMW’s Hams Hall Plant in the UK

    BMW takes GGR Galizia pick and carry


    GGR Galizia has installed a 2 tonne capacity G20 pick and carry crane at BMW's Hams Hall Plant, in Coleshill, West Midlands, UK