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  • Tehran

    Russia to build pipeline


    Gazprom will help construct a 1,200km pipeline between Iran and India

  • Nord Stream pipeline

    Nord Stream’s green light


    Finnish authorities have issued the final outstanding permit enabling construction of the 1223 km long Nord Stream natural gas pipeline connecting Russia with Germany to commence.

  • The 40 tonne capacity KC-54713  truck crane from Gazprom-crane in Russia

    Ivanovo Stamp 2009 sales show disappointing year


    p Russia's biggest truck crane manufacturer Ivanovo Resident claims it has increased its market share in the country following a year of "serious tests" resulting from the economic downturn /p p nbsp; /p p nbsp; /p p nbsp; /p ...

  • One of the two new 25 tonne capacity KS1 truck crane models from Gazprom-Crane in Russia

    New truck cranes from Gazprom


    Gazprom-Crane, based in Moscow, Russia has launched two 25 tonne capacity truck cranes with the longest booms in their class, according to the company

  • One of Ivanovo Stamp's new facilities in Kasan and Krasnadar, Russia

    Russian crane giant opens new facilities


    Ivanovo Stamp, incorporating truck crane producers Autokran and Gazprom-crane, has opened two new facilities in the Russian Federation that will take advantage of natural resources and the 2014 Winter Olympics