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  • Mammoet SK6,000 Index

    Mammoet reveals 6,000 tonne crane


    The SK6,000 is a new 6,000 tonne capacity super heavy lift crane from Mammoet, joining the existing SK190 and SK350, and the SK10,000 announced in 2019

  • Artistic impression of the AL.SK700

    New 8,000 tonne crane from ALE


    International heavy lift and transport company ALE has announced its latest heavy lifting solution, the 8,000 tonne capacity AL.SK700 crane, IC exclusively reveals

  • The AL.SK190 was configured with a 118.5 m main boom. In this configuration it carried out three lif

    Shipyard lift for ALE


    Heavy lift and transport company ALE, has carried out the transportation and installation of an accommodation module and a service module in Rio de Janeiro