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  • Control Chief

    Remote controls: Radio stars


    There is a plethora of product overhauls and new launches in the radio remote control sector. Christian Shelton reports

  • HBC-radiomatic Photon transmitter in industrial crane application

    Remote controls: master and servant


    Safety is the main reason for using a radio remote control on a crane and, by definition, safety is the prime concern for all aspects of the system’s design and specification. Christian Shelton reports

  • The 3.0 version of the I-Kontrol range from Ikusi

    Staying connected with radio control


    Frequency, data display and ergonomics are just some of the latest focus points shaping the design and function of remote controls. Laura Hatton investigates

  • Article

    Wireless world


    Don Schneider, vice president of Hetronic USA, speaks to IC contributor John Wyatt about the wireless industry and its future