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  • Raxtar hoists like these will be used in the construction of New York's 'Freedom Tower'.

    Raxtar hoists on New York’s ‘Freedom Tower’


    New York rental company Atlantic Hoisting Scaffolding will supply 12 Raxtar construction hoists built in the Netherlands for use on the construction of the 420 m high ‘Freedom Tower’ on the site of Ground Zero in Manhattan.

  • Wei Chen, founder and CEO of Memphis-based Sunshine Enterprise, Inc, an importer of Chinese scaffold

    Sunshine plans European scaffold expansion


    Sunshine Enterprise, Inc, the Memphis, US-based importer of Chinese-made scaffolding and hoists is to expand its product offering in North America and plans to sell equipment in Europe as well.

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    New rack-and-pinion equipment


    It has been relatively quiet for new mast climbing equipment since the numerous launches made at the World of Concrete earlier this year. However, CAMAC in Spain has launched a new hoist, the Eurolift, as well as a smaller hoist, called Smart, for use with tube scaffolding

  • This custom configuration of work platform, winch and boom shows the innovation of current efforts t

    Turbulent times: Rise or fall of mastclimblers?


    Has the current financial market turmoil and construction decline shifted the outlook for rack and pinion access equipment around the world?

  • The control system in CAMAC’s new Eurolift hoist links it to remote locations in real time. The hois

    New CAMAC hoists shown at SMOPyC


    CAMAC released two new hoists at SMOPyC: Eurolift with a global control system and the Smart hoist for tubular scaffolds.

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    D&G Hoist & Crane Hire, Australia, has ordered 50 machines from Alimak Hek


    Alimak Hek has received an order from D G Hoist Crane Hire in Australia for a total of 50 hoists from the Alimak Scando 650 range.

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    Stros sells ten mast climbers to Tec


    Stros, the Czech Republic based manufacturer of mast climbers and hoists, has sold a further ten machines to Tec Hoist Llc based in Florida, US.

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    Pega graps Burj Dubai hoists contract


    Fourteen massive passenger hoists manufactured by Czech company Pega Hoist will be used on the construction of the 729 m high Burj Dubai tower in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

  • Three pins, as opposed to six bolts on older designs, couple platform sections, making installation

    Big deals


    Market leader Hek Manufacturing launched sweeping changes in its transport platform and mast climber product lines in October. Patrick Hill was at the company's headquarters in Middelbeers, The Netherlands to see the new machines.

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    Fraco Products is entering the transport platform secor with its own design,3630 kg transport platform.

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    Three Sizes Fit All


    One of the key launches of the first day at Bauma was Alimak Hek's long–awaited modular mast climbing and transport hoist system.