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  • The new version of the Multidrill ML is one of a number of new products from Fraste.

    New drilling systems and rigs from Fraste


    Italian drilling specialist Fraste has introduced a CAN-Bus data communication system using Danfoss Plus-1 technology for use on its Multidrill XL drilling rig, its best selling mid-size rig.

  • Contractors have achieved drilling rates of up to 540 m/shift using Sandvik Ranger 780 Rock Pilot dr

    WEB EXCLUSIVE: Dubai's Waterfront calls in Sandvik rigs


    Tophammer drill rigs from Sandvik being used in a dewatering well project at the Dubai Waterfront construction site are achieving faster penetration rates in sand than conventional methods, according to the company.

  • Italian company, Profetto, has bought Tier 3 compliant Furukawa HCR 1000 and HCR 1200 hydraulic craw

    Productivity push: The latest global drilling products and projects


    The global financial climate has forced drilling equipment manufacturers to re-address the issue of enhancing machine productivity. Using electronic controls and improving operator comfort are some of the ways this can be achieved. Becca Wilkins reports.

  • Ground improvement specialist, Vibro Projects Limited, a subsidiary of Bachy Soletanche, produced st

    Seeking Sustainability: environmentally friendly ground engineering


    The concept of sustainable construction is gaining popularity with equipment manufacturers and contractors alike. Becca Wilkins reports on how this ‘greener' approach is being accepted within the specialist ground engineering sector.

  • The Soilmec SR70 hydraulic drilling rig is equipped with the Drilling Mate System (DMS) touch screen

    Digging deep - the latest foundations equipment and techniques


    The latest foundation equipment and techniques are more environmentally friendly and technologically sophisticated allowing for increased productivity on challenging construction sites.

  • The new Sandvik DT1130i tunnelling jumbo has been excavating rock since September 2007 in the multi-

    Sandvik launches new DTi series tunnelling jumbos


    Sandvik has unveiled the DTi series tunnelling jumbos. Featuring advanced tunnel planning software, one of the first units in the new range is being used in a Finnish tunnelling project.

  • The Australian subsidiary of Bauer Spezialtiefbau, Bauer Foundations Australia, was contracted to co

    Bauer installs cut-off wall at Hinze Dam, Australia


    The acute water shortage currently affecting Australia means the Hinze Dam near Brisbane in South East Queensland, is undergoing its third upgrade.

  • Sandvik DI500

    DTH revolution


    New approach means more hole accuracy in the UAE

  • Bauer Lebanon Foundations has used a HBM 4 and a TR 17 vibrator during construction of the country’s

    Bauer delivers for Lebanese substation


    Bauer Lebanon Foundations has used a HBM 4 and a TR 17 vibrator during construction of the country’s 400 kV Ksara Substation for Siemens.

  • Lovat, now owned by Caterpillar, has been particularly successful in supplying TBMS to Russia. This

    Tunnelling: Bigger and deeper


    Tunnelling activity around the world continues to boom, with more and more high-profile projects getting underway. But while technology in the sector continues to improve all the time, a lack of skilled workers may put a brake on growth iC reports.

  • Bauer Vietnam's inaugural project

    Inaugural project for Bauer's Vietnam subsidiary


    The first project for Bauer Vietnam was the construction of foundations for 11 apartment blocks some 10 km from the centre of the capital Ho Chi Minh.

  • Sandvik RT300 buttons

    Long life buttons


    A new series of button bits from Sandvik deliver great value in almost all rock conditions, especially those in which button breakage is a problem, according to the company. The RT300-series of bits for drifting and tunnelling are optimum cemented carbide buttons for drilling a wide range of rocks, with ...

  • Wimmer AB 2000 on crane boom

    Long reach stabilisation


    An ambitious 16km railway tunnelling project near the town of Wiesing, in the Austrian Tyrol, took place earlier this year. Part of the Inn Valley Austrian Railways project involved the construction of a 30m deep rescue shaft, close to a rock face, with the use of an AB 2000 feeder ...

  • The ROC T15 is Atlas Copco’s latest and smallest hydraulic surface rig. It is designed for small con

    Drilling: better efficiency, lower noise


    Better efficiency is a key aim for any area of construction, but the drilling sector is showing this can be achieved at the same time as better environmental performance - particularly noise reduction. CE reports.

  • Centrum’s new automated plant, which is expected to be in full production by late 2008, will boost t

    Centrum piles to 5 million metres


    Centrum Pile, the UK-based manufacturer of continuously reinforced pre-cast concrete piles, has reached a major milestone at its factory in Nottinghamshire, UK.

  • Asahi Kasei Corporation of Japan has ordered 60 Bauer CG10 drilling rigs since it acquired the exclu

    Foundations: the latest techniques and machines


    The foundations sector is a specialist area but it is vital to the construction industry. The latest equipment and techniques allow for the construction of new and ever-more complicated projects to take place around the globe. Becca Wilkins reports.

  • Bilfinger+Berger is currently installing foundation piles for the extension of the 115 m high Tectum

    Sure footing for Europe's foundation sector


    Buoyant sales and increased turnover from equipment manufacturers and contractors alike, coupled to a growing need for alternative energy generation and infrastructure expansion, are helping push the development of cutting edge technologies in the foundations sector. Richard High looks at the latest developments and reports on some of the machines ...

  • Parbati project stage III from above

    Hydro challenge


    Advancing tunnels in the Himalayas by drill blast

  • Liebherr LRB 255

    Double action


    Contractor Matthias Strobel has used a Liebherr LRB 255 piling and drilling rig in a double rotary drilling application during construction of the Emmerauentunnel Luegde, Germany.

  • Caterpillar has acquired Lovat, a Canadian manufacturer of tunnel boring machines (TBMs) for an undi

    Caterpillar moves into tunnelling


    Caterpillar has acquired Lovat, a Canadian manufacturer of tunnel boring machines (TBMs) for an undisclosed sum.