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    Industrial Lifting: Smooth operators


    Industrial lifting covers a multitude of lifting and hoisting applications. Here we look at notable case studies and products on the market. Christian Shelton reports

  • A Kuli gantry crane has a 32 tonne lifting capacity and a lifting height of 12 m

    Industrial lifting: the factory workhorse


    The market for industrial lifting products for hazardous environments is becoming more and more important. Laura Hatton looks at what new industrial crane and associated products are available for the industry

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    Waste handling cranes head to Ireland


    Konecranes UK, based in Scotland, will supply the waste to energy facility in County Meath, Ireland with two 9.5 tonne capacity waste handling GL WTE cranes

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    Columbus McKinnon consolidates sales


    Columbus McKinnon Corporation will consolidate its hoist and rigging products and brands into one sales force