International Cranes and Specialized Transport - December 2018

International Cranes and Specialized Transport - December 2018

December 2018

Included in this issue:

  • SARENS SGC-250
    Sarens launches what it claims as the largest land-based crane in the world by size and capacity:the 5,000 tonne SGC-250. ICST reports.
    The latest heavy lift developments, including the work the Sarens SGC-250 will do at Hinkley Point C, news from Enerpac, ALE and Mammoet.
    A snapshot of the fastmoving global wind market, plus we look at a number of new installation techniques Christian Shelton reports.
    ICST will be at the forthcoming SC&RA Specialized Transportation Symposium in Houston, Texas, in February 2019. Here we look at what attendees can expect from the event.
  • TOPLIFT 2018
    The moment you’ve all been waiting for: our readers’ topthree favourite lifts of the year revealed.



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