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    ITI opens UK division


    Birmingham will be the location for Industrial Training International’s UK operational headquarters

  • Koichi Tadano, Tadano Group CEO, left, and Yuthachai Charanachitta, Italthai Group CEO, shake hands

    Tadano strengthens in Thailand


    Japanese crane manufacturer Tadano has agreed a joint venture with Italthai Industrial Co., Ltd (ITI), its distributor in Thailand, to help increase sales and market share

  • Safe rigging of the load is taught at an ITI training session

    Training techniques in the USA are internationally recognised


    Euan Youdale spoke to Mike Parnell at Industrial Training International, Inc. (ITI) and LD Stutes at North American Crane Bureau (NACB), both based in the USA, about the training industry there and its future

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    Safety pointers


    Mike Parnell, Industrial Training International (ITI) president, lays out six points that an employer should follow to help ensure a safe workplace