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  • Huationg Inland Transport, Malaysia, used Scheuerle-Kamag K25 H SP transporter to move the Hisyam 6

    Land to sea by Huationg Inland


    Huationg Inland Transport, Malaysia, used 16 axle lines of Scheuerle-Kamag K25 transporter to move a 125 tonne vessel from drydock to the water's edge

  • The Mammoet TPA power packs built by Scheuerle have a 1,000 hp V12 MTU diesel engine

    Mammoet and Scheuerle improve transport efficiency


    International transport and lifting specialist Mammoet has announced Trailer Power Assist (TPA), a power system to increase heavy transport efficiency and safety while reducing environmental impact

  • Capelle transport the 140 tonne steel girders using its new K25 platform trailer in the port of Dunk

    K25 module to Capelle in France


    French heavy load transporter manufacturer Nicolas has delivered a K25 modular platform trailer to heavy transport provider Capelle in Ales, France