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  • Genie_S-85 XC Lindig_2

    Genie first for Lindig


    Lindig Fördertechnik takes the first Genie S-85 XC and SX-135 XC in Germany 

  • Lindig Conveyor's Teupen Leo 23GT at a furniture store in Germany

    Lindig bridges the gap


    A furniture store in Oberdorla, Germany, rented a Teupen Leo 23GT tracked platform from Lindig Conveyor to carry out painting work

  • Considering the complete working site helped Lindig choose the right machine for the job.

    Good planning for safe working


    When specifying an aerial work platform is planned, the range and the work height are usually the most crucial parameters for selecting suitable equipment. However, German rental partnership, System Lift points out that an experienced rental account executive will look at the complete picture to devise the optimal solution.