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    First quarter optimism from Palfinger


    Palfinger's 2010 first quarter revenues trailed behind figures from the same period in 2009 but EBIT pulled the company into the positive

  • Fil Filipov is chairman and CEO of Atlas Maschinen

    Fil Filipov on his acquisition of Atlas


    Former Terex executive Fil Filipov has acquired Atlas loader cranes from his old company. IC talked to him about the deal

  • Hiab's new XS 310 L loader crane

    Hiab aims new loader at Middle East


    The new XS 310 L loader crane from Hiab is designed for brick and block handling, particularly in the Middle East

  • new 16 to 23 tonne metre mid range loader crane range from PM

    PM launches mid-range loader series


    Italian loader crane manufacturer PM has launched a new middle range loader crane series

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    Intelligent control from Effer & Sauer-Danfoss partnership


    Effer has equipped its new range of cranes with an electronic-hydraulic system produced by the Italian loader crane manufacturer and Sauer-Danfoss

  • QT Equipment will sell Penny Hydraulics' vehicle mounted cranes in the USA

    Penny Hydraulics signs USA Swing Lift deal


    QT Equipment will sell, distribute and assemble UK-based Penny Hydraulics' Swing Lift vehicle mounted cranes in the USA, under a new agreement

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    Positive outlook from Palfinger


    Palfinger suffered losses during its 2009 financial year but remains positive following restructuring measures and investments

  • Owen Pugh takes the UK's first  Terex 380.3 loader crane

    First 380.3 Terex loader in the UK


    p Rental specialist Owen Pugh amp; Company has taken delivery of the first Terex 380.3 A3 loader crane in the UK /p

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    Third quarter results reveal difficult period for Cargotec


    Cargotec #39;s third quarter financial results reflect an increasingly tough year for the Finland-based group including Hiab, Kalmar and MacGregor

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    Penny Hydraulics loader crane in retail centre


    A Nissan Cabstar truck with a Penny Hydraulics V20 loader crane is used by Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield, UK, to handle plant, machinery and building materials for maintenance work at the retail site

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    Hiab and Kalmar merger brings group loss


    Cargotec has announced that restructuring costs from its Hiab and Kalmar merger will result in an operating loss for 2009

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    Dual power from Palfinger


    Loader crane manufacturer Palfinger has upgraded its Dual Power System (DPS) to DPS Plus. If the crane is equipped with a fly jib, it provides a lifting moment increase of up to 70%, according to the company

  • Hiab XS 166 loader crane

    Finnish Defence Forces order Hiabs


    Hiab will supply 39 XS 166 HiDuo loader cranes to the Finnish Defence Forces through supplier Sisu Defence

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    Tough first quarter for Cargotec


    Cargotec's first quarter results for 2009 show its Hiab loader cranes division has been increasingly hit by the drop in construction and new truck sales. The group's other divisions, Kalmar and MacGregor, have also seen a tough three months

  • The PK18002 EH is one of four new loader cranes in Palfinger's High Performance range

    Palfinger extends range with four loaders


    Loader crane manufacturer Palfinger has extended its High Performance series of knuckle boom loader cranes with four new models. The PK 13002, PK 14002 EH, PK 16002 and PK 18002 EH will be in the iron at the Mawev construction exhibition in Austria

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    New Hiab loaders for US Army


    Hiab will deliver 292 loader cranes, newly designed for the US Army, to BAE Systems. The Hiab 222ATF-1 is to be used in the US Army's Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) wrecker machines range

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    Palfinger reacts to year end figures


    Palfinger's preliminary results for 2008 showed a 14% increase in revenue due to a strong beginning to 2008 and three acquisitions. A 31% drop in earnings, however, reflected the weakening market and the accounting rules which apply to acquisitions, such as depreciation and impairment

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    Workforce cuts at Cargotec


    Cargotec will stop production at its Salo facility in Finland and reduce its wider workforce as part of a consolidation scheme. Some 270 jobs will be cut by reducing permanent and external contracts and not replacing retiring or resigning employees

  • The new Palfinger PK 6501 is rated at 5.9 tonne metres and has up to four hydraulic extensions and a

    New Palfinger High Performance loaders


    Three new loader cranes have joined Palfinger's High Performance range in the 6 to 7 tonne metre class. The PK 6501 and PK 7001 EH have up to four hydraulic extensions and a hydraulic outreach of 11.2 m. The PK 6501 has a 5.9 tonne metre capacity, while the PK ...