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Vinci says French projects on hold

Contractor says a large number of French projects on hold since 16 March


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CE Barometer Nov 2019 Index

CE Barometer and Finance November 2019

Companies are generally seeing a solid end to 2019, but barometer warns of recession

October Barometer - Index

CE Barometer and finance: October 2019

Larger companies maintain position of growth, while smaller businesses appear to tread water

September barometer - Oct issue - Index

CE Barometer and finance September 2019

Stock prices inflated through investment banking make the difference this month

Kier Index

Kier reports pre-tax loss of €276 million

UK-based contractor blames poor results on costs associated with the restructuring of its operations


Barometer Index August

CE Barometer and finance August 2019

The markets have been up and down of late, but with the holiday period drawing to a close, businesses will hope work picks up

Systra TSP Index

Systra acquires TSP Projects

French contractor doubles size of its UK and Ireland operations after buying out struggling firm

CE August19 Barometer

CE Barometer July 2019

The latest Construction Europe Barometer Survey providing the Industry’s opinion on the market

Pietro salini

Salini Impregilo launches Project Italy

Italian firm signs two investment agreements aiming to strengthen national construction sector



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Utilities: High demand

New construction equipment and technologies in the busy utilities sector, are used to make the job easier


Material handling: Moving the goods around

A look at some of the latest material handling equipment for multiple applications across Europe

JCB engines Index Feb 2020

Engines: Power of choice

Engine manufacturers discuss future of diesel power and that of electric and hybrid technologies


Surveying: Speeding up construction

Advanced surveying technologies are benefitting early adopters by saving time and money


Road building: Taking a different road

They Cloud, Big Data and the Internet of Things are now recognisable elements in road building

01_Amberg Inspection_©Amberg Technologies

Tunnelling: Breakthrough technology

Katherine Weir looks at advances in tunnelling equipment and techniques to tackle new challenges

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Wheeled excavators: Mobilising the fleet

The ‘rubber duck’ may not be king of the construction site, but should not be overlooked

On the Voest Bridge in Austria, Doka formwork is being used in the widening of both carriageways

Falsework & formwork: A tall order

Today’s systems must be light, strong, fast-erecting and, above all, safer than ever


CE Barometer July

CE Barometer and finance June 2019

After share prices roundly fell last month, a shrewd investor could have seen a good return, with share prices now creeping back up


Skills shortage driving up pay

Wages in UK construction industry increasing as skilled EU workers find country less appealing