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2013 web index

‘It’s a meeting of like-minded people’

Previous winners of the World Demolition Awards, which started in 2009, share their memories



WDS 2018 Speakers

Dennis McGarel

Demolishing the former Bannister Federal Complex

WDS 2018 Speaker Dennis McGarel talks about Demolishing the former Bannister Federal Complex

Stefano Panseri

WDS 2018 speaker: Stefano Panseri, Despe

Completing a 12-month demolition and asbestos removal project in five months

Brent Willson

WDS 2018: Brent Willson, Dustless Technology

The impact on demolition of new OSHA dust regulations

Julian Norton & Paavo Hurskainen

Drone mapping software in demolition

TOPIC: The role of drone mapping software in demolishing a shopping centre in Finland

Riccardo Viaggi

WDS 2018 speaker: Riccardo Viaggi, CECE

Digital technology and equipment: what does it means for demolition?

Florian Trinkl

WDS 2018 speaker: Florian Trinkl, Sauer Bau

Demolishing prestressed concrete gas tanks at Munich’s main sewage plant

Artem Kondratiev

WDS 2018 Speaker: Artem Kondratiev, Raz-Max

The Russian experience: the unique features of demolition in the far north

Uttkarsh Mehta

WDS 2018 speaker: Uttkarsh Mehta, Edifice Eng.

The challenges involved in the demolition of Mahatma Ghandi Setu bridge, India

David Darsey & Grant Styles

WDS 2018: Erith Group presentation

David Darsey and Grant Styles on the Marble Arch Place demolition project

Patrick Tinnelly

WDS 2018 Keynote: Patrick Tinnelly, Tinnelly Group

Surviving the crash: managing a demolition business through an economic downturn

Simon Hebert

Meet the speakers: Simon Hebert

A major transport interchange project forms the basis of the Delsan-AIM civils work  manager’s presentation

Joe Brinkmann web index

Meet the speakers: Joe Brinkmann

Joe is American by birth but is now firmly based in Africa and will speak about demolition on that continent

Ian Bartels web index

Meet the speakers: Ian Bartels

Ian is the president of Canadian contractor Budget Demolition and will speak on taking down a sports stadium

Stuart Accleton web index

Meet the speakers: Stuart Accleton

Stuart is one of two presenters who will highlight a high-profile London project for Erith Contractors

Adam Safran web index

Meet the speakers: Adam Safran

Keynote speaker Adam will start the conference with a presentation on Saudi Aramco’s demolition experience

Johan web index

Meet the speakers: Johan d’Hooghe

Johan will open the afternoon session with a presentation on C&D waste management

Fabio Bruno web

Meet the speakers: Fabio Bruno Pinto

Brazilian demolition contractor now established in USA will present on Bahamas implosion project

P Frye web index

Meet the judges: Patrick Frye

An explosive demolition specialist, Patrick has judged three categories in total this year

D Costello web index

Meet the judges: Dan Costello

Dan formed the Costello Dismantling Company in the 1980s and is well respected in US demolition

Latest Magazines


W Sinclair web index

Meet the judges: William Sinclair

Former European Demolition Association president William comes from a demolition family

Henrik web index

Meet the judges: Henrik Bonnesen

Dane Henrik was a session chair person in Dublin last year and is a long-serving WDS awards judge