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Deconstructed Rothera wharf.

Construction mega projects: Projects for the ages

A look at some of the biggest, most expensive and innovative projects from around the world




Ammann’s RAH100 recycling dryer can achieve recycling rates of up to 100%

Reduce, reuse, recycle: Mixing technology

Manufacturers are increasingly looking at commercial and environmental savings when developing new products

JCB 150X and 220X

Medium and large excavators: efficiency is eveything

Excavators have deep roots within the construction industry, with these machines the workhorses of projects all over the world

190408 Verton R Series

Crane technology: Technology at the top

Cranes may be based on the same 2000 year old principles, but technology has certainly evolved


Transport infrastructure: Connecting the world

Transport infrastructure projects are becoming bigger and more ambitious than ever before, with great demands being placed on equipment


Compact Index

Equipment review: Compact loaders, a question of taste

Often construction applications around the world require compact loaders, but the choice of tool varies from place to place

Guangzhou Skyline China

Regional report: China’s construction industry

The construction market may be slowing down in China, but the industry is still in a strong position


Components: the nuts, bolts and the tyres

The race is on for component manufacturers to keep up with technological advancements in construction machinery

Tilt table (1)

Construction research and development: Tomorrow’s world

How research and development teams across the construction industry work has changed recently, as has the projects that they are tasked with

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London Resort theme park Castle

London Resort to be net-zero

Theme park costing €4.2 billion will generate all its energy onsite

Cat 306 CR Next Gen mini hydraulic excavator

Cat launches 6-tonne mini excavator

New 306 CR Next Gen model expands manufacturer’s mini hydraulic excavator line

The M/S Osfjord sank off the coast of Norway in 2018

Shipwreck salvaged by deconstruction

Kristiansand Bygg use wire saw to cut the sunken M/S Osfjord into sections

NCC will build the New North Zealand Hospital in Denmark

NCC signs $180 million hospital contract

First stage contract for New North Zealand Hospital in Denmark

Mega cities one

Construction’s ‘mega cities’ revealed

A new report lists the world’s top cities regarding construction projects in 2019

Global Construction Guide 1

Global Construction Guide launches

New product reveals the top companies in all of construction’s main markets


New international standards for drones

New standards for rapidly expanding sector of commercial drones


Next generation construction from Mace

UK contractor integrates digital tech with new offsite assembly method for next-gen construction


Work on China’s skyscrapers slows

Reports indicate that construction of numerous skyscrapers in China are behind schedule


Ditch Witch C14 Boom

Utility equipment: Utilising machines

Utility construction encompasses many tasks, but next generation equipment is certainly up to the challenge

MP4 Elephant   Castle

Falsework and formwork: building digitally

Digital solutions are increasingly being integrated into falsework and formwork offerings