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  • Transporting and lifting a 700 ton vessel in Qatar

    The Knowledge: Unloading dolly loads


    This article completes a series of three. We have seen what bolsters or turntables are and the various different types. Last month’s article highlighted some transport scenarios where things can go wrong if not assessed properly. Marco van Daal reports

  • Figure 1

    The Knowledge: Dolly or not


    It is not always a straightforward decision when considering whether a load or a route is suitable for a dolly type transport. Marco van Daal reports

  • In Figure 1 the LFP and the URP of the A-type turntable can be easily recognised. The lower chains h

    The Knowledge: Bolsters or turntables


    The topic this month in our regular how-to series is an explanation of bolsters or turntables and ways to implement them for transporting long loads. Marco van Daal reports

  • Figure 1: A load cell with its connecting cable

    The Knowledge: Time to weigh


    Following on from and linked to the centre of gravity topic from last month’s article, is this month’s equally important subject of weighing a load. Marco van Daal reports

  • Figure 1 is a two-dimensional object, for example, a steel plate with a random shape for which the C

    The Knowledge: Central focus


    A topic central in more ways than one both to lifting and transport operations is centre of gravity. CoG can be an issue that makes or breaks a project says Marco van Daal

  • Dr Oliver Fries

    Dr Oliver Fries to speak at CATT


    Industry expert Dr Oliver Fries from rope specialist WireCo WorldGroup will speak at the International Cranes and Transport Turkey conference in May

  • Strand jacks in operation being used for horizontal movement rather than vertical lifting

    The knowledge: Alternatives


    The previous article in this series covered alternative moving techniques, including rolling, skidding, airbags and air pallets. This time attention turns to some alternative lifting methods. Marco van Daal reports

  • Using air bag rollers to launch ships requires attention to be paid in tying it back

    The Knowledge: Alternative lifting


    As a sequel to the last two articles on transport and crane basics this month’s feature, the fourth in the series, covers alternative moving and lifting techniques. Marco van Daal explains some options

  • ALE AL.SK190

    The Knowledge: Cranes, a bit of history


    In the third article in our new how-to series, Marco van Daal turns his attention from transport to cranes with a historical perspective on developments in the lifting industry

  • A self propelled transporter in action. Note the rectangular power pack unit mounted on the front ne

    The knowledge with Marco van Daal: Transport types


    The second of ICST’s series of practical how-to articles aimed at improving safety in heavy transport and lifting operations

  • Newton’s Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica

    Introducing know-how


    An introduction to a new series of practical how-to articles that will appear regularly in IC. Marco van Daal contributes his extensive knowledge with a view to helping increase safety in heavy transport and lifting operations

  • Marco van Daal

    Transport and lifting seminar to improve safety


    Leading heavy transport and lifting professional Marco van Daal will host a one day, expert interactive seminar on 31 October in Amsterdam, Netherlands