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    SPG and Hydro Rents get to work in Texas


    Structural Technologies chose the companies to create a customized access solution

  • Alh m20

    Enter the ALH M20


    The M20 ranks North American operations that rent mast climbing work platforms by total number of drives in a company’s fleet

  • Kevin O'Shea

    O'Shea leaves Mastclimbers


    Mastclimbers LLC has announced that its director of safety and training Kevin O’Shea has resigned to take up a new role with Hydro Mobile

  • Mike Pitt of Mastclimbers LLC in Atlanta

    Mast climbing community gets behind IAPAs


    Mike Pitt, owner of USA-based Mastclimbers LLC, has called on members of the mast climbing sector to attend the IPAF Summit and IAPA awards in Miami on 26 March

  • Mastclimbers LLC helped spruce up the 1996 Olympic village in Atlanta with Fraco ACT 8 units.

    Deadline extended: Enter the MastClimber20


    For the second year, Access, Lift Handlers is compiling a list of companies with the largest mast climbing work platform fleets in North America. The listing appears in the magazine and is a popular feature among our readers. Will your company make it on the list?

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    US gets safety guidelines for mast climbers


    Safe use guidelines for users of MCWPs (mast climbing work platforms) in the US have been prepared by IPAF and Kevin O'Shea of Mastclimbers LLC with input from a number of interested organisations.

  • Mohammad Ayub, director, office of engineering, OSHA’s construction directorate, speaking at the SIA

    OSHA would welcome US mast climber standard


    OSHA, the US government health and safety body, has advised the US mast climbing industry to develop its own standard for the design and use of mast climbing work platforms.

  • This custom configuration of work platform, winch and boom shows the innovation of current efforts t

    Turbulent times: Rise or fall of mastclimblers?


    Has the current financial market turmoil and construction decline shifted the outlook for rack and pinion access equipment around the world?

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    A whole wide world


    New hoists and mast climbers, including some interesting European models, should make this January's World of Concrete a must-visit for buyers of rack and pinion products.