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  • Maber provided units to install Brise soleil to a 100 m tower in Slovenia.

    Gearing up


    The mast climbing sector was one of the hardest hit during the economic crises, but now it is clawing its way back. Euan Youdale reports.

  • Kevin O'Shea

    Kevin O’Shea discusses all the happenings in the mast climbing sector


    The mast climbing industry is coming back after years of stale sales and work.

  • EZ Scaffold in the USA currently working on the Smith Center in Las Vegas

    Working together: A review of work leading to the safer use of mast climbing machines


    With the help of Kevin O'Shea of Mastclimbers LLC and chairman of IPAF's International MCWP committee, Access International reviews the cooperative work that will lead to the safer use of, mast climbing work platforms, transport platforms and hoists.

  • Kevin O’Shea works for Mastclimbers Llc in Atlanta, GA.

    MCWP use and safety at forefront of OSHA meeting


    OSHA's Advisory Committee for Construction Safety and Health (ACCSH) met in Washington DC to discuss MCWPs with Kevin O'Shea.

  • The 220-foot-tall San Vincente Dam in San Diego, CA, needed to be raised – by 117 feet. Fraco Produc

    Vertical work - ALH takes the mast climber market's temperature


    Lindsey Anderson takes the temperature of the mast climber market across North America

  • Mike Pitt of Mastclimbers said, "100% AWPT trained workforce equals 40% reduction in premiums."

    AWPT training gets Masterclimbers premiums down 40%


    p US based company, Mastclimbers LLC, a sales and service company for new and used mast climbing work platforms, has reduced its insurance premiums by over 40% by implementing the AWPT (American Work Platform Training) training program. AWPT is a fully-owned subsidiary of IPAF (the International Powered Access Federation). ...

  • Bolted-together I-beams transfer mast loads to the floor slabs.

    Mastclimbers in Nashville break away from ground


    "Ground breaking" is how Mastclimbers LLC describes the access system it designed as part of extension work at the Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. There is literally no room at the base of the structure, so Mastclimbers mounted its supplied masts on bolted fabrications of steel beams on the fifth ...

  • Article

    Key to US growth


    Kevin O'Shea, who leads the training activities of Mastclimbers LLC in Atlanta, Georgia, US, draws parallels in the US mast climbing market to that of the UK 10 to 12 years ago. "We have a weak design standard coupled with weak regulation for implementation. Unregulated use is dangerous," he tells ...

  • Kevin O'Shea

    O’Shea heads mast climber committee


    Kevin O'Shea, of US based, Mastclimbers LLC, was elected chairman of the IPAF Mast Climbing Work Platforms (International) Committee at the last meeting, held during CONEXPO in Las Vegas.

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    IPAF message brought to BAC


    Kevin O'Shea, senior instructor with the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), brought the message of mast climbing safety to several members of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craft Workers (BAC). The occasion was this year's BAC's Annual Leadership Conference in August at Notre Dame University in South Bend, ...

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    Mastclimber training for bricklayers


    The International Bricklayers Union and Allied Craft Workers are trained in the safe use of mastclimbers by trainers from AWPT.