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    Concrete equipment: Flexible forms


    Formwork and rental have one thing in common: they both offer flexibility

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    Falsework & Formwork: Taking new forms


    Falsework and formwork solutions are rising to the challenge of unusual designs and awkward projects, Thomas Allen reports

  • Meva's new Mammut XT

    Meva introduces new Mammut XT


    Mammut XT formwork system offers all three tying methods in one system, saving time and effort

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    Leada Acrow expands formwork fleet


    Formwork, falsework and groundwork division of UK rental company A-Plant invests in new bespoke formwork

  • The biggest contract in Pilosio’s history has seen it supply shoring towers and formwork to the expa

    Feature: Falsework & formwork


    Flexible formwork and design engineering services from suppliers can be a key driver to successful construction projects, be they large or small.

  • Doka provided automatic self-climbing formwork to the Crescent project in Baku, Azerbaijan, as high

    Latest technology in concrete construction


    Concrete construction projects can benefit from the use of the latest technology in the sector and the early involvement of suppliers.

  • The Hudson’s Yard project in New York uses Ulma formwork. It is one of the largest schemes of its ki

    Feature: Falsework & formwork


    Although construction projects are getting more and more challenging, there is pressure on falsework and formwork suppliers to make their solutions more economical and shave time off schedules.

  • Peri supplied two formwork carriages for the construction of a new road bridge over the expanded Lan

    Falsework & formwork special solutions


    A key challenge for falsework and formwork suppliers is to help contractors execute complex projects on a tight budget, which often means providing a bespoke solution using standard, modular components.

  • A theatre project in Bordeaux theatre project was undertaken by Harsco, and the major problem was li

    Falsework & Formwork: Bespoke solutions


    It is important for all sectors of the construction industry to keep moving forward, as new techniques are always needed. Sandy Guthrie talks to some leading falsework and formwork companies.

  • Paschal’s leading-edge circular formwork with trapezoidal girders (TR) were used to aid the construc

    Demanding applications in falsework & formwork


    Technical and challenging builds are driving innovation in the falsework and formwork sector. Helen Wright reports.

  • Lura’s Lightning Strike lightweight roller screed is easy to transport and can be set-up by one-man.

    Feature: Concrete technology


    Varying concrete quality and evolving mix designs mean contractors need versatility from their equipment. Steve Skinner reports on how the latest equipment launches increase the choice both in terms of technology and cost.

  • Meva's all plastic facings mean repairs are quick. There's no need to reface and the finish quality,

    Meva's rental plus


    Meva has introduced what it calls “RentalPlus”, an initiative the company anticipates will signal the end of disputes over damage to formwork.

  • Meva constructed the Rolls Royce jet engine testbed in Arnstadt, Germany. The company used the proje

    Evolving solutions: falsework and formwork developments


    New materials and systems are making an impact in the falsework and formwork sector. Steve Skinner reports on product and market developments and the close attention the sector is giving to providing total solutions.

  • Meva has introduced its MAC automatic climbing system

    Meva MAC


    Hydraulic climbing formwork improves cycle times

  • Meva’s new MAC automatic climbing system features a fully clad and enclosed working area providing s

    Falsework & formwork: Safety first


    The safety of construction workers on high-rise construction sites is pushing formwork manufacturers to develop equipment that not only provides a safe working environment but that is also easy-to-use and raises productivity. Richard High reports.

  • Europe's first new central railway station in a capital city for over 50 years was opened in Berlin

    Return to growth?


    Germany's construction market has managed to maintain its position as the largest in Europe despite more than a decade of recession following the re-unification boom. The country's building sector now appears to have reached a turning point and some expect the industry to show signs of recovery in 2006. Claire ...