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  • Mike Pitt of Mastclimbers LLC in Atlanta

    Mast climbing community gets behind IAPAs


    Mike Pitt, owner of USA-based Mastclimbers LLC, has called on members of the mast climbing sector to attend the IPAF Summit and IAPA awards in Miami on 26 March

  • Mike Pitt of Mastclimbers said, "100% AWPT trained workforce equals 40% reduction in premiums."

    AWPT training gets Masterclimbers premiums down 40%


    p US based company, Mastclimbers LLC, a sales and service company for new and used mast climbing work platforms, has reduced its insurance premiums by over 40% by implementing the AWPT (American Work Platform Training) training program. AWPT is a fully-owned subsidiary of IPAF (the International Powered Access Federation). ...